‘Deep Nostalgia’ gives new life to old photo using AI technology  

The company, My Heritage allows users to animate the static images of their relatives using machine learning technology. A new service called ‘Deep Nostalgia’ was launched in February this year by the Israeli company to animate the old photo into moving video.

Video credit: My Heritage

The Deep Nostalgia service takes a single facial photo, analyses by deep learning and  then the system animates the facial image based on a pre-determined sequence of movements and gestures, like blinking, smiling and head-turning. The entire process is completely automated making it user-friendly.

The animation created by Deep-Nostalgia are quite impressive.  However, some of the expression of the animation are slightly unnatural. It can create and animate the expression of one person’s face from the neck to head. So, we couldn’t animate group photos or photos with people performing any sort of physical activity.

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