Google claims not use to cookies for ads

Cookies are piece of text sent to browsers by a website you visit and carries information about the user such as the duration each user spends on each page of a site, what links are being clicked and store data. Google uses this information for personalizing ads, though it claims to stop selling ads based on users’ cookies on various websites.

The Alphabet Inc. is one of the largest advertising sellers and also owns google chrome, the most popular web browser.  The google said on Wednesday 3rd March that the company will stop using tracking technologies from January next year that identify the individual users on websites.

The tech giant earlier has been criticized by the proponent of privacy and faced severe scrutiny from the regulators.  Now there plan to remove cookies, which would eventually share little information with advertising agencies and can have adverse impact on the advertising market and new website. Techies refute the idea and claims that Google will gain an advantage by eliminating such cookies, because it has other ways of obtaining personal information from users. The cookies from the website will also not prevent the companies in tracking the personal information. We believe that the advertising industry will use some alternative solution like Browser fingerprinting to collect information such as browser type and version, operating system, active plugins, time zone, language, screen resolution and several other active settings.

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