Insurance innovation and improvement summit

Customer needs and expectations are ever changing. Insurance companies are not only competing with each other but also with a wide range of digital experiences that are available to customers in their daily lives. Digital technologies provide an incredible opportunity to meet growing customer needs and regulatory demands. It’s a fact that the pandemic has severely impacted several industries and the insurance sector is no exception. So, it has become imperative for the insurance industry to use new technologies to drive the improved insurance processes and assist the industry for a speedy recovery. Our virtual summit “Insurance innovation and improvement summit” on 22nd – 23rd September will address the newest trends in the insurance industry to optimize performance, drive efficiency and enhance quality. The virtual conference will involve participants across the globe to listen to industry leaders. The event will abreast the delegates with the latest developments in insurance innovation and insurtech, so that they can benefit from the best technology solutions to get a competitive advantage.

The two-day virtual summit will be divided into multiple modules of duration 35 minutes (25 mins lecture & 10 minutes Q&A) where participants will have the opportunity to connect with the most influential and key decision-making professionals from the insurance industry.

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