Creating Wave Power for future Energy Needs

Renewable green energy promotes environmental sustainability and harnessing its sources is the next big leap in technology in the energy sector. The shift of humans from the traditional fossil fuels to the cheaper and cleaner energy sources is on priority and Marine Power is one of the future energy sources.m

Recent technological advancements can harness electricity from the movement of ocean waters. The Waves and Tides have great forces to turn turbines similar to wind turbines converting the kinetic energy into electricity nonstop. The Marine turbines can be placed across ocean depths or near the surface under high pressure tidal forces producing higher electrical output.

An estimate of the marine potential energy reported by the United States Department of the Interior is utilizing just 1/1000 of the tidal energy existing within the Gulf Stream could produce more power than the hydroelectric energy at Niagara Falls. Studies on harnessing electricity from slow-moving waters in lakes and landlocked seas are being undertaken by various universities. Research Funding is however essential to create the infrastructure for tidal energy turbines. The US and UK have been extra vigilant towards the shift of sustainable or environment friendly energy sources from non-renewable fossil fuels.

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