POLESTAR 0 – the Climate-Neutral Car


The Swedish electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Polestar announces to launch the ‘Climate-Neutral Car’ by 2030. Project ‘Polestar 0’ will focus genuinely on eliminating carbon emissions through its production procedure and completely reintroduce new manufacturing techniques discarding the age-old production methods which involved carbon offsetting.

The newly developed procedure will include ‘development process and value chain from suppliers to retailers’ increasing transparency by revealing the carbon footprint of all the cars, tracking the used materials, identifying as ‘risk’ and attaching climate labels on them.

Polestar CEO, Thomas Ingenlath quoted Carbon offsetting is a cop-out; and by manufacturing a completely climate-neutral car he wants to eradicate all emissions and design steps towards Net Zero. Polestar fast-tracks to shift to sustainable mobility following the warnings from environmental experts to tackle climate change.

In the words of Fredrika Klarén, Head of Sustainability, at Polestar who uses electric engines reducing toxic emissions from combustion engines and pledges to eradicate all other emissions involved in production. The unique strategy to design climate-neutral cars should be the stepping stone for car manufacturers as an opportunity make a better sustainable environment to thrive.

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