The radioactive nuclear-waste powered battery can hold a single charge for nine years will be launched within 2023 by the California-based start-up NDB, the newly discovered technology behind the Nano-diamond battery could hold the key to the environmental consequences of the manufacture and disposal of batteries.

We are not far from charging our phones once in nine years as the batteries with longer lifespan manufactured by radioactive isotopes used in nuclear reactors are about to reach the market. In the words of Dr Nima Golshariffi, the CEO of the start-up; nuclear wastes can be converted to make batteries which would run longer than the current ones being drained easily. These isotopes having different lifetimes can either be manufactured or extracted from the nuclear wastes. The core of the battery is designed with multi-layered synthetic diamonds- hardest to break or damage. These diamonds collect and secure the battery structure from the radioactive isotopes.

Though the company had faced a number of challenges since 2012, like having access to the radioactive isotopes, using expensive diamonds, ensuring safety to professionals working; which they finally overcame and now is busy developing the prototype. The batteries to be used for nine years will be launched by 2023, soon available in the markets can be widely used in electronic devices, vehicles, mobile phones and so on.



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