Smart Bracelet detects Corona

The University Medical Center (UMC) is researching on a smart bracelet which can detect infection with Covid-19 at an early stage. The study needs twenty thousand adults to participate; it is about the Ava bracelet normally used by women to monitor fertility. Researchers are very optimistic that the device can help fight the pandemic; as the bracelet measures body temperature, respiration and heart rate. Previously the study demonstrated that the device can report an infection of the wearer and a test notified that simultaneously. In the words of the in-charge Professor Rick Grobbee of Clinical Epidemiology at UMC mentioned that the device is able to indicate a high temperature, coughing and shortness of breath which all relates to the symptoms of Covid-19.

The participants undertaking the study needs to wear the smart bracelet at night which processes real-time data and detects the above indications eventually leading to the early detection of Covid-19. The person can be immediately quarantined reducing the chances of infecting the other person. Hence the new discovery new technology through the smart bracelets will play a vital role in curbing the pandemic and other infectious diseases in the future.

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