Tidal Energy fuelled Electric Car is driving Scotland Towards Net Zero Emissions

The Scottish Net-Zero target is a fantastic step to tackle the climatic crisis. The new electric vehicles on the island of Yell, Shetland Islands in Scotland’s northernmost region is powered entirely by tidal energy from Nova Innovation’s tidal turbines.

Most Tidal Turbines are huge revolving machines anchored to the seafloor avoiding any navigation or visual hazard. They are long-tern, accurate and has been powering local houses and businesses for more than five years. Simon Forrest CEO, Nova Innovation quoted the technology is new in UK and can be established around the globe; they have the tidal powered cars presently demonstrating the huge step forward net-zero carbon emissions and tackling the climate emergency by working in harmony with our natural environment; though there are several tidal energy technologies in Scotland which aim to reduce traditional combustion engine vehicles.

Locals find Nova Innovation’s technology quite exciting to have an electric car at their doorstep. They are able to harness the renewable power from the tides which is a great resource and believe the new technology will make the environment a better place to thrive.

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