Carbon emission peaks Climate change: Earth in an impending danger

The Earth is getting warmer every passing day and by 2030 all the Governments must reduce their emissions to keep the Earth safe as it’s “a red alert to the planet” was quoted by the UN Secretary-General António Guterres. The goals set by the governments at the Paris (Climate) Agreement to limit climate change to 1.5 degrees and halving the global emissions is difficult to achieve. The major emitters such as Mexico and Brazil must step up to fill the huge gap by comprising on 10-15% of global emissions.

A good step in the right direction has been taken and nations such as Australia have drafted a proposal to reduce emissions along with the EU has reduced emissions from 55% to 40%. Nepal, Argentina, UK proposed to reduce emissions by 68% by 2030 while countries such as Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand have announced 2050 Net Zero pledges. The UK has ratified the climate change policy to set an example to the world nations’ along with the USA. The emissions proposal Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) divulge a productive rivalry between China and Japan over Net Zero by 2060 which hasn’t been approved by the UN.

There have been contradictory priorities which raises questions; UK is reducing coal, petrol or diesel from being used in power generation and promoting renewable sources; while on the other hand a high-speed rail link is under construction that won’t be devoid of carbon and has a £27bn roads programme. Germany & UK are members of the Powering Past Coal international alliance but yet last year the former opened a new coal-fired plant and the latter is permitting a new coal mine to be dug in the face of scientific and international censure. Thus, the UK is slipping away from its strict targets imposed by its climate advisors for 2030 which is an appalling lack of urgency and sincere action. Long-term commitments must be turned into instantaneous actions to transform what best is to save the earth & mankind.

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