New Solid-State Battery from Quantum Scape Is two times more Energy-Dense then Lithium-Ion

QuantumScape Corporation have demonstrated significant improvement of high-energy-density solid-state batteries by addressing the fundamental issues such as charge time, safety and operating temperature.

In recent years, the use of lithium-ion batteries has significantly grown in electric vehicles.  They possess distinct advantages over the other kind of battery technology. However, they also have some drawbacks such as their limited range and long charging time which are the critical barriers in widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Lithium metal batteries have great advantages in terms of energy density which likely to provide great opportunities for long range and low-cost electric vehicles in the future.

QuantumScape, US based startup is building a solid-state new lithium metal battery for electric vehicles, and claims that they produce multilayer battery cells which was a crucial stumbling block in taking the technology from the lab to the real world. In early tests of the battery prototype, it has shown to boost an EV range by 80% and can be rapidly recharged. Jagdeep Singh, CEO of QuantumScape quoted in a letter to investors “While there is still a lot of work to be done and we could encounter new challenges as we increase our layer count, this is an incredibly important result, and we are excited to have this so early in the year,”

The lithium-metal battery from QuantumScape Corporation is the only prototype and it is quite smaller than what we need for the electric vehicle.  If the QuantumScape, solid-state lithium-metal battery is successful then it will be a milestone in improvement of electric vehicles and can greatly boost the automotive industry.

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